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References for CFD/NHT

Refenrences for Computational Fuid Dynamics (CFD) and Numerical heat Transfer (NHT) Batchelor, G. K. An Introduction to Fuid Dynamics. Cambridge University Press, 1967. China Machine Press, 2004. Versteeg, H. k., Malalasekera, W. An Introduction to Compultational Fuid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method, Longman Limited, 1995, Beijing: World Book Publishing Company, 2000. Anderson, John D., Jr. Computational Fluid Dynamcis: The Basics… Read more →

HP-UX password recovery

HP-UX 10.20 on B132LP, root password recovery when starting, Press “Esc” to enter in ISL, then execute: isl>bo pri (yes/no)y ipl>hpux -is ipl>passwd >(enter your new password)That’s ok.    Send article as PDF   

How to make moving grid case computable in Star-CD

In Linux system, you should do a special treatment to make a case with moving grid computable. The following is the procedure: ~$ pmovlink #changing mesh geom during analysis > n > xm > casename ~$ starlink #compile the executable file ~$ PMOV=./ #set environment PMOV variable ~$ PATH=$PMOV:$PATH #add the PMOV to PATH ~$ ./YourExecutableFile > casename #start computing… Read more →

WordPress Fan Song

Devin Reams has done the first WordPress fan song, You can listen to it of MP3 format from his site. It is so great! Lyric is as following: Welcome to my story bout my, CMS It’s an awesome piece of software, it’s called WordPress It manages my blog, it makes it look real nice I installed in in 5 minutes,… Read more →

Learn English, as a Foreign Language

English, as a foreign language for me, makes me so nervous that I must take more than four hours to learn it. Because my poor English make me have lost in the previous GRE and TOEFL test. Although I have learn English?for more than?fourteen years, I havenot yet understand what an English person speaks, and only speak some simply sentenses…. Read more →