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ETS Providing TOEFL Paper-Based Test in Japan and Korea

ETS (Educational Testing Service) has offered TOEFL (Test Of English as Foreign Language) paper-based test on June 3, 2007, in Japan and Korea, claiming that there is increased demand in these countries and ETS offered this test in response to assist the admission needs of Japanese and Korean students seeking to study abroad. They had offered TOEFL paper-based test on… Read more →

Fruit Better than Vitamin C alone

In News at Nature, researchers suggest that you’d be much better off with oranges than vitamin C tablets. It is very?obvious that?food in nature?is better. This research has proved it again. So for common people, it is better to take oranges?rather than Vitamin C tablets. But, there are more mysteries than we think. some elements interact each other, and the… Read more →

Generation of Greatness

Here is?the speech given by Edwin H. Land, president of Polaroid Corporation, at 9th Annual Arthur Dehon Little Memorial Lecture at M.I.T., on May 22, 1957. I think that the speech inspires universities’ scientific spirit and may give Chinese university faculties and students serious thoughts on their systems. The original script?of the speech is on the MIT web. Generation of… Read more →

Good Talkers Have Six Skills

Good talkers, who make you feel comfortable when they are around, always have six skills, which will facilitate you make people feel comfortable and secure. The first skill of good talkers is that they ask questions, which can make a conversation easy to start. However shy anyone is, they will answer a question. Then you know how to continue the… Read more →

Experience and Credit

What is important for an individual in the more and more competitive society? I think they are experience and credit. If you have both, you will win in the future. Above all, experience is one of the most?important factors to your future.?How to gain your experience? The only way is to plan your career and to practice it. A country… Read more →