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Went to Xipu Campus, SWJTU

We, Ms YANG, Ms LIU, Mr JIN and I, went to Xipu(犀浦) Campus, SWJTU(西南交通大学) by bike at yesterday afternoon. We took 50 minutes to going, and went back about 40 minutes. The weather is not good, it is couldy. We took pictures in the beautiful campus. The left is took in front of the rainbow bridge(彩虹桥). Xipu Campus has been… Read more →

QQ2005 Released

QQ, A China local instant messenger, its newest version, QQ2005, was released at today afternoon in Beijing. Its English version is QQ2004II. It has about 77% users of all IMs in China. I have used QQ for about 6 years. I think that it is very adaptive for Chinese. But in the past years, it became larger and larger, so… Read more →


Yesterday, I got an invitation to join There are many Brazilian, saying in Portuguese. I think it’s time to learn Portuguese? Chinese communities is not hot. I hope more and more Chinese people join There is a Chinese local connections web on internet,    Send article as PDF   

On Recreance

Our “People’s Writer”, Ba Jin, was dead. He left us much much thinking. We always say somebody is recreant, but we never see ourselves characteristics. Ba Jin was the man, who was brave to say truth, to admit his mistake. So he was brave, not recreant. They are ignominious, who criticizes somebody all the day but never criticezes themselves.   … Read more →

Notable Writer Ba Jin Died at Age 101

BA Jin(巴金), one of the most revered writers, died of cancer in Shanghai on Monday after a six-year battle with malignant mesothelium cell tumor and other diseases. Ba is one of the most revered Chinese authors of the 20th century, standing in the ranks of Lu Xun(鲁迅), Mao Dun(茅盾) and Guo Moruo(郭沫若).    Send article as PDF   


2005年10月17日19时06分,巴金在上海与世长辞。 巴金(1904.11.25-2005.10.17),原名李尧棠,祖籍浙江嘉兴,1904年11月25日生于四川成都。 巴老一生写过很多书,也有很多翻译著作。真是很遗憾,我都没有好好读过。 向巴金致以崇高的敬意!    Send article as PDF