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A Paper Submitted to Intl J Mech Sci

After writing a paper about frequcy characteristics of straight tube flow, I revised it several times. Finally, I decided to submit it to a journal, named “International Journal of Mechanical Sciences”. This is the first paper I write so I know there are still some places needing modification. However, I hope the editors or reviewers would give me some advice about… Read more →


网民对CCTV新闻联播的概括:开会没有不隆重的,闭幕没有不胜利的,讲话没有不重要的,决议没有不通过的,鼓掌没有不热烈的,人心没有不鼓舞的,领导没有不重视的,进展没有不顺利的,问题没有不解决的,完成没有不超额的,成就没有不巨大的,竣工没有不提前的……    Send article as PDF