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Several Free Anti-Virus Softwares

In the commercial society, almost everything provided is needing money. Fortunately, there are some anti-virus softwares provided for free. The following are three of many free, famous, exellent anti-virus softwares: AntiVir, one of anti-virus softwares from Germany, is one of the most pupular free anti-virus softwares. Its features and advantages are: (1) Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans, (2) Protection… Read more →

Some Words Confused Easily

cement (concrete)?– clement (lenient/mild) cereal (grain)?– ethereal (heavenly, spiritual; immaterial, intangible) career — careen candy — dandy canard — canary callow — fallow child — chide (scold; reprove) chip — chirp (short sharp sound especially of a small bird or insect) cider (apple juice) — cinder (dross; ashes) clam — clamp classic — chassis clench — clinch cloak — croak… Read more →