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Some Useful Phrases

Human nature — agression, greed, …; Enduring problems — war, poverty, violence,…; cultural traditions — folk art, crafts, traditional songs, customs and ceremonies, …;? Social problems — unemployment, public health, quality of life, environmental protection, criminal, …; Education — job training, vocational education, adult education, (universal) basic education, basic environmental education, …; in jeopardy/danger, in the long run, …; Potential… Read more →

America’s Best Colleges in Mechanical Engineering

According to the rank of colleges and universities 2008, made by US News and Reports, in the mechanical fields, MIT, Stanford (CA) and? UC,? Berkeley? are the? best three universities in the mechanical engineering whose highest degree is a doctorate. UC,? Berkeley is a public school. Also, these three schools are the best universities in engineerings.    Send article as… Read more →

Several Domains Share the Same Site Space

IF you have several domains, and want to use them, but you are afraid of the cost of the site space, the following code can help you solve the problem. (the code is written in PHP, and the default main index page is index.php, different site is set in different directory). <?php $domain_net1=””; $domain_net2=””; // directory set for $dot_net_url1=”site1/”;… Read more →

Words Denoting Attitudes and Tones of Essays

Admiration, Admiring, Admitted uncertainty, Admonitory, Adulatory, Alarm, Amused, Analytical, Antagonistic, Antipathy, Apologetic, Appraising, Argumentative, Arrogant indifference; Biased, bombastic; Complete indifference, concerned and optimistic, concerned and sympathetic, conciliation, conciliatory, condescending, contempt, contentious, critical dismay, cynical; Defiance, deprecating, disapproving, discouraged, dismay, dispassionate, dissatisfaction, dogmatic; Endorsement, enthusiastic, expectation; Favorable, fearful and alarmed; Guarded optimism; Hesitant acceptance, hopeful, hostile antagonism, hostility, humorous and wry;… Read more →

root ramp=wild

ramp: v./n. a : to stand or advance menacingly with forelegs or with arms raised b : to move or act furiously rampage: v./n. to rush wildly about / a course of violent, riotous, or reckless action or behavior rampant: adj. 1 a : rearing upon the hind legs with forelegs extended b : standing on one hind foot with… Read more →

root: ram=branch

ramify: to split up into branches or constituents ramfication: n. derived from ramify rambunctious: marked by uncontrollable exuberance: UNRULY    Send article as PDF