Words Denoting Attitudes and Tones of Essays

Admiration, Admiring, Admitted uncertainty, Admonitory, Adulatory, Alarm, Amused, Analytical, Antagonistic, Antipathy, Apologetic, Appraising, Argumentative, Arrogant indifference;

Biased, bombastic;

Complete indifference, concerned and optimistic, concerned and sympathetic, conciliation, conciliatory, condescending, contempt, contentious, critical dismay, cynical;

Defiance, deprecating, disapproving, discouraged, dismay, dispassionate, dissatisfaction, dogmatic;

Endorsement, enthusiastic, expectation;

Favorable, fearful and alarmed;

Guarded optimism;

Hesitant acceptance, hopeful, hostile antagonism, hostility, humorous and wry;

Impatience, inconclusive, incredulous, indecisive, indifference, indignant, inquisitive, ironic, insincere, intelligent, interested;

Jealous resentment, jocular;

Laudatory, lighthearted;

Meditative and wistful, mocking;

Objective interest, outraged and indignant; pedantic, pessimistic disillusionment, pointed disagreement, profound ambivalence;

Qualified approval, qualified disagreement, questioning;

Reluctant respect, reproachful and disturbed, repulsion, resignation, resigned, respect; scientific and detached, sentimental reverence, shocked, skeptical, speculative, stilted, strong disagreement, studied neutrality, superior, suspicious, suspicious and cautious;

Tentative, tolerant resignation;

Understanding, unmitigated hostility, unqualified enthusiasm, unquestioning disapproval.

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