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Successful in Upgrade to WP 2.3

It costed me several days to upgrade my blog publishing system to WP 2.3. Now, it has been all right, but particulars in some posts have small problems which is caused by transfering characterset from latin1 to utf8. If I have time, I will modify it one by one, since I have less than one hundred posts in non-English language…. Read more →

Today’s Stocks in Shanghai

It is the last workday in this week. The index of stocks in Shanghai had been up slightly above 5000. (the comment on was    Send article as PDF   

Upgrade to WP 2.3

It was time to upgrade from WP2.0 to WP2.3 early. Because of the low version of PHP and MySQL of the webhost, I upgraded it from Nov 20. Since I have moved my host from the older version one to the new one, I can update my database. But there are some difficulties: latin1 as character set to utf8, which would… Read more →