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下午,午觉醒来,在 上查询了一下我的报名情况,终于注册成功。确认号:8850000000274342,考试时间:2006-09-21 13:00:00。NEEA考试中心通过Email给我发了一封考试报名确认信。    Send article as PDF   

Honeymoon Travel (1)

7?August to 13 August, Qingdao and Dalian After wedding, We began to travel for our honeymoon. We went to Chengdu by train 5612 with my little brother and my parents on 7 August. In the morning of 8 August, we arrived?at Chengdu Raiway Station. After my brother and parents got on bus, we went to?my dormitory in Southwest Jiaotong University…. Read more →

Our Wedding

Our?wedding began at 16:30, on August 6. At 12:30, we went to makeup wedding dressing with the flower car. the dressing lasted almost one and a half hour. After that, we went to the Mingzhu hotel, where the wedding was hold. Before that, some guests had been there. We saluted our guests and friends and kins beside the door of… Read more →


今天,我报名参加GRE考试,寄出RMB1418.00,汇票号码:511540136000045767。在上填报了考试报名表,等待注册确认信。预定考试时间是2006年9月21日。 下午去新华书店买了本关于词汇的书《英语词汇强化》,是Random House Webster’s的,翻译过来的。看起来这本书不错。 现在开始要加油看书了!    Send article as PDF