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some expressions about “wall”

My brother decided to paint the walls of his bedroom white. (paint a wall) In ancient China, the officials’s houses were always surrounded by a very high brick wall. (a high / low wall) We can hear our neighbour’s TV through the thin walls of our dorm. (a thick / thin wall) we need to drill some holes in the… Read more →

Expressions on “Floor”

I picked up a brush and swept the floor. (sweep the floor) I covered the floor with newspapers before I started painting the ceiling. (cover the floor with carpets/…) I have just finished mopping the floor. (mop the floor) She got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the floor clean. (scrub the floor) Be careful you don’t slip… Read more →

Expressions on “Ceiling”

The ceiling is so low that I can touch it without standing on a chair. (touch the ceiling, a high / low ceiling) Martin lays on my bed and stares at the ceiling. It is a bare room with only a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. (a [light] hangs from the ceiling) There were two large spider on… Read more →

Some Expressions About “Room”

I used to share a room with my brother/sister when I was young. (share a room) My uncle has a large house. He lets out one of the rooms to a student. (let out rooms) Helen promised that she would tidy her room, but she left it in a mess as usual. (tidy your room) If Martin decides to stay… Read more →