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Registering Split-Test Administration of GRE General Test in 2007-08 begins in China

From NEEA Test Center, Split-Test administration of the GRE General Test in 2007-08 begins to register in China. Here is the official news. It was published today. Test takers, preparing to take paper-based test in October, 2007, must complete the computer-based writing test between July 1 to September 22, 2007; test takers, preparing to take paper-based test in June, 2008,… Read more →

My Model TOEFL Results

Official Sample Test: Reading NONE, Listening 8/11 Model Tests Results of Mine, SUMMARY TEST# DATE Reading Listening Speaking Writing TEST 1 Dec 8, 2006 – 11, 32% – – TEST 1 Mar 6, 2007 – 10, 29% – – TEST 1 May 24, 2007 25, 64% 25, 74% – – TEST 2 May 29, 2007 32, 82% 20, 59% – -… Read more →


一般来说,对于来往中国的国际信件,信封上面的地址应该这样写: 左上角写寄信人地址,按照地域从小到大排列,一般是: 姓 名 单位/公司 门牌号 XX街道 (XX镇 XX县) 城市 省/州 邮编 国家 在信封的中央写上收信人的名址,先写姓名,然后是地址,同样按照地域从小到大排列: 姓 名 单位/公司 门牌号 XX街道 (XX镇 XX县) 城市 省/州 邮编 国家 对于寄往中国的或从中国寄出的信件,如果有英文名字的公司或单位,可以用英文,没有的话,就用汉语拼音;街道、镇、县最好用汉语拼音;城市也用汉语拼音,邮编一定要准确到乡镇。请使用大写字母拼写,方便计算机阅读,避免延误时间;另外,不要使用除空格以外的分隔符,不要使用逗号之类的符号。如果是寄到偏远地区的信件,最好能在信封背面写上中文的名址,以免延误时间。 例如,以下是一封从美国寄往中国的信封的写法: INDIVIDUAL’S NAME UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPT OF BERKELEY CA 94720 USA       INDIVIDUAL’S NAME SOUTHWEST JIAOTONG UNIV 111 ERHUANLU BEIYIDUAN CHENGDU SICHUAN 610031 CHINA(中国)         … Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day

Today,?the second Sunday in May, 2007,?is Mother’s Day.?From the moment of my marriage?last year, I have had?another mother, my mother-in-law. I am very happy that I have two mothers who give me much care, supporting. I wish my mothers healthy and happy! I wish mothers all over the world healthy and happy! Don’t forget to give mothers calls!    Send… Read more →