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欣闻.cn域名将摆脱美国的控制,我建议国家取消个人注册.cn域名的限制。 由于个人无法注册.cn域名,所以,很多就只能去注册.com,.net,.org等国际域名,或者其它允许个人注册国别域名的国家的域名。导致大量信息被国外公司控制,我们无法掌握主动权。 我国对域名的争议解决办法也更人性化,更多地考虑了投资者的利益,.cn域名也不能就只考虑给法人组织注册,何况,本身自然人也能够承担一定的民事责任,中国公民也当享有.cn域名的注册权。 以上是我个人的一点看法。希望各位朋友能够讨论一下。    Send article as PDF   

Chengdu-Lhasa Train will run in July

The train will be test in several days on the Qinghai-Tibet railway. It will run formly from July 1, and the travel?will?last less than 45 hours. Stewards on the train will speak three languages: Chinese, English and Tibetan. The train bodies is Bombardier style, made by CSR Sifang. It is very comfortable and in favor of ecology.    Send article… Read more →

Back to School

Yesterday morning, I backed to school from Xichang by train. In this year, I have the following things to do: Take all-round excercise, Publish 2~4 papers, and others.    Send article as PDF   

Snow in Xichang

When I get up, it is snowing. It’s very strange that it was nice yesterday but snows today. It is a pity that I don’t record it because I don’t have a digital camera.    Send article as PDF