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Sending Wedding Invitations

Now, I have been in Xichang. I am going to hold my?wedding on 6th August. Today, My darling and I sent?wedding invitations. We went to a lot of places. Sometimes, either they went out, or they have holidays, in addition to?persons?working. Although, we have sent about 80 invitations. We are tired after sending invitations. Maybe in the next days we… Read more →

It’s Hot

It’s very hot these days in Chengdu. Weather forecast, which?are sent to my cell phone as SMS,?reminds us that the average temperature in 10 days is 4 degrees higher?in Centigrade?than that in last year.    Send article as PDF   

Have a cold

Last Friday, It was very hot. In the afternoon, there was not any water which is drinkable in the lab. I went out to buy a bottle of ice pure water. After I drank it, I felt very good, very cool. There was nothing happened in that whole day. When I got up next morning, I was very surprised that… Read more →

putfwd will be offline

When I open putfwd today, It says:? will be taken offline as of July 20, 2006. Our apologies, but bandwidth is simply too expensive for us to continue offering this service. Please download any files before July 20, 2006. putfwd is one of the free virtual storage provider on?Internet. I don’t know when it?has been?online.?But I applied an account… Read more →


数字与月份的说法 数字 ? 月分 ? 一 いち 1月 いちがつ 二 に 2月 にがつ 三 さん 3月 さんがつ 四 よん し 4月 しがつ 五 ご 5月 ごがつ 六 ろく 6月 ろくがつ 七 なな しち 7月 しちがつ 八 はち 8月 はちがつ 九 きゅう く 9月 くがつ 十 じゅう 10月 じゅうがつ ? ? 11月 じゅういちがつ ? ? 12月 じゅうにがつ 星期几的说法 English 写法 读法… Read more →

清华紫光Uniscan 6C扫描仪在WinXP下的驱动与安装

实验室有一台清华紫光Uniscan 6C扫描仪,已经很久没用过了,以前在windows2000下还很好用。今天,想扫描一点东西,但不知怎的,现在它无论如何却是工作不起来。把以前那个紫光官方的驱动,下载了,装上一试,不行。在网上查了很多资料,发现紫光和明基在某些机型上兼容,狂搜了一番,下载了很多驱动,一一在windows2000试装,却还是不行。无奈,只好找了一台装WindowsXP系统的机子,用benq 640P 的驱动,版本V3424P,你要是嫌麻烦,直接下载。装上一试,果然可以用了,速度也不错。 安装方法:解压文件,打开setup.exe,安装。在后续选项中,选择默认值即可。待安装完成后,打开控制面板,选择“扫描仪和照相机”,点击“添加图像处理设备”,在厂商一栏选择EPPSCANNER,型号则选择Color FlatbedScanner。添加完成,即可使用。?    Send article as PDF