My Love

Our Wedding

Our?wedding began at 16:30, on August 6. At 12:30, we went to makeup wedding dressing with the flower car. the dressing lasted almost one and a half hour. After that, we went to the Mingzhu hotel, where the wedding was hold. Before that, some guests had been there. We saluted our guests and friends and kins beside the door of… Read more →

Sending Wedding Invitations

Now, I have been in Xichang. I am going to hold my?wedding on 6th August. Today, My darling and I sent?wedding invitations. We went to a lot of places. Sometimes, either they went out, or they have holidays, in addition to?persons?working. Although, we have sent about 80 invitations. We are tired after sending invitations. Maybe in the next days we… Read more →


昨天,我和老婆去维纳斯取到了婚纱照,心情那个激动得,只能把所有的东西点齐了,并没有仔细检查。拿回来,仔细检查,才发现,有两处穿帮的地方并没有处理,还有个相框的支架给粘错了。恰好今天我又没空去,只有老婆去了。    Send article as PDF   


一整夜 脑子里全是你 你的笑、你的哭、你的生气 一时间 全都在脑海里浮现 我们分开了 可是我很不情愿 因为我是那么 很爱 很爱你 我们有过很多波折 无论如何 我们都挺过来了 为什么 不能再坚持一下 你说 我们要重新来过 重新从朋友做起 我不知道 没有你的生活 会是什么样子 我只有 全力以赴 再续前缘    Send article as PDF   

How Do I Love Thee?

I Love My Girl, and I think this peom can help me say the word. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of being and ideal grace. I love thee to the level of every… Read more →