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Some Tips for Email Writing

A subject line should be SMART. S — Specific M — Meaningful A — Appropriate R — Relevant T — Thoughtful 10 steps for good business writing: Remember your ABC (Accurate, Brief, Clear) Be courteous and considerate Use appropriate tone Write naturally and sincerely Remember the KISS principle (Keep it Short and Simple) Use modern terminology Include essential details Be… Read more →

Family Album USA, Unit 2 Act III

Marilyn: What happened? Susan: The baby-sitter called. His daughter’s sick. Marilyn: What’s wrong? Susan: I think she has a stomachache. He’s a good father. Marilyn: So… what do you think of him? Susan: He’s very nice. But I think he was nervous tonight. It was his first date in two years. Marilyn: Will you see him again? Susan: I hope… Read more →