Family Album USA, Unit 2 Act III

Marilyn: What happened?
Susan: The baby-sitter called. His daughter's sick.
Marilyn: What's wrong?
Susan: I think she has a stomachache. He's a good father.
Marilyn: So... what do you think of him?
Susan: He's very nice. But I think he was nervous tonight. It was his first date in two years.
Marilyn: Will you see him again?
Susan: I hope so.
Marilyn: This food is delicious.
Susan: He didn't get a thing to eat.
Marilyn: You ordered enough for three or four people. But I'm not complaining. The food is delicious.

Susan: Who's that?
Marilyn: Do you think it's ...
Susan: No. ... You won't believe it, Marilyn.
Marilyn: I believe it, even without looking.
Harry: Hi.
Susan: How..?
Harry: Your downstairs neighbor let me in.
Susan: Did you go home?
Harry: I did, but everything is ok. So I decided to come back. To apologize for leaving so early, I brought you a little gift, a bonsai tree for your new apartment. Hi, Marilyn, I hope it's not too late.
Marilyn: Not at all. We're still eating.
Susan: Please. come in, join us. It's our meal from the restauraunt. And, how is your daughter?
Harry: She's fine. It was only a tummy ache.
Susan: It's good that you went back.
Harry: Yeah, I think it's important for me to be there since her mother died.
Susan: I agree. Aren't you hungry?
Harry: As a matter of fact... I am hungry.
Marilyn: There's lots of food left.
Harry: This is delicious.
Susan: Enjoy.

Marilyn: I'm going to excuse myself. I have a lot of work to do to get ready for tomorrow. Good night, Harry. It was nice meeting you.
Harry: Bye, Marilyn.
Marilyn: Good night, Susan.
Susan: Good night, Marilyn.
Susan: She's going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow. She's sleeping here so she won't have to travel from Riverdale in the morning.
Harry: You two must be close.
Susan: We are. The whole Stewart family is close.
Harry: I like that. And then, two years ago, my wife died.
Susan: You miss her?
Harry: I do, yes. But I have Michelle, and with time...
Susan: Is there anyone else in you life?
Harry: no, not yet. What about you?
Susan: I date occasionally, but my work keeps me busy.
Harry: Oh, speaking of keeping busy... The baby-sitter has to get home. Where did the time go? It's midnight. Thank you, Susan. I had a nice evening.
Susan: Me too, Harry. Harry?
Harry: Yes?
Susan: I'd like to meet your daughter someday?
Harry: Does that mean I can see you again?
Susan: Of course.
Harry: Wonderful. I'll call you and we'll go out to dinner.
Susan: Please do.
Harry: I promise I won't leave early.
Susan: It was for a good reason.
Harry: You know something?
Susan: What?
Harry: I think we're going to be good friends.
Susan: Have a safe trip home. .... Are you all right?
Harry: Sorry.
Susan: I never liked that umbrella stand. Good night, Harry.

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