A way to get live time stamp in paraView

Generally, those guys using paraview, a data visualization packages in CFD, want to show a time stamp during their animation. Here is a way to display the time stamp, using paraview 2.4.

  1. Load data with paraview, in 3D view property, switch on the corner annotation in the annotate panel.
  2. Save session state from menu File -- Save Session State, a file with ext “.pvs” will be got.
  3. Open this file, find the string SetAnimationtime, you may be see “$kw(vtkTemp664) Set AnimationTime 0”.
  4. In any of the SetCornerText, add somthing like “Time = [vtkTemp664 GetAnimationTime]”, Then you can get the time-step stamp.
  5. If you want to get the right time with your simulation data, you could add “*0.001/40 s” to the end of time-string “Time = [vtkTemp664 GetAnimationTime]”, then you can get something like “Time = 2 * 0.001/40 s” on the corner, where “0.001” is the time range of your simulation, and “40” is the number of time steps you have saved.

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