SouthWest JiaoTong University

Undergraduate Evaluation of SWJTU by MOE

Southwest Jiao Tong University, one of the universities more than 100 years, is being evaluated in the second undergraduate teaching evaluation. the specialists, having been in scholl, evaluate our university in one week. In 2000, our university passed the first evaluation by Ministry of Education (MOE), getting excellent, being one of the sixteen excellent universities which got A grade. We… Read more →

Two PhD Candidates Completed their Doctoral Dissertation Defence

JIN Z and WAN Y, who were?Ph.D candidates at our lab, replied their dissertations in this morning. They passed the defence. Congratulations to them! The Defence Schedule is: PhD candidate introduces his/her main content of his/her dissertation Chair reads the peer-to-peer reviews. Candidate defends with the peer-to-peer problems. Committee, consisting of?five to seven peers,?gives some problems according to the dissertation…. Read more →