Some Tips on Installation of Fedora x86_64

After a fresh installation of Fedora, you may want to add some more features which would help you work or enjoy media and movies. At first, you should install rpmfusion-free and rpmfusion-nonfree respositories, and enable them. 1. Install MPlayer and Xine sudo yum install mplayer mplayer-gui \ gecko-mediaplayer mencoder xine-lib-extras xine-lib-extras-freeworld \ vlc rhythmbox gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad \ gstreamer-ffmpeg xine-ui supposed… Read more →

STAR-CD 3.15 and Scientific Linux 4.8

Although Scientific Linux 4.8 is not the newest version of Scientific Linux, I’d like to introduce how to install it and to have a dual-system machine since STAR-CD 3.15 need an old version and Scientific Linux 4.8 is appropriate. Maybe someone will think it’s better to use VirtualBox making a virtual Linux on Windows, But I guess that’s not a… Read more →

Compiling OpenFOAM 1.7.0 on Fedora 13

On June 26, 2010, OpenFOAM 1.7.0 has been released. But It does not provide any compiled packages but Ubuntu/Debian binary packages. I have been using OpenFOAM for years without compiling the whole OpenFOAM and ThirdParty packages. It’s time to do it myself. Before compiling the packages, you must prepare some necessary packages on your system: binutils-static # it provides libiberty.a… Read more →