Frequency Response Analysis Method of Hydraulic Pulsation Dampers

Title: A Method to Frequency Response Analysis of Hydraulic Pulsation Dampers Based on CFD
Authors: DU Run, LIU Xiaohong, YU Lanying, KE Jian

Abstract: Simulating transient state of hydraulic pulsation dampers with a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code was done to get their frequency response. Under laminar condition, transient state of pulsation dampers was computed, with M-sequence (a type of pseudo-random sequence) pressure signal acting as a kind of boundary to simulate pressure wave and compressibility of fluid being considered. Frequency response was done via FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of transient pressure sequences. Through comparing CFD model with traditional precise analysis model, the result shows: The agreement between CFD numerical analysis and traditional precise analysis is satisfactory. In the meantime, a complex model was analyzed with the CFD numerical method, and the result shows CFD analysis is practical to analyze frequency response of complicated structure hydraulic pulsation dampers.

This paper was written in Chinese, submitted to and accepted by Chinese Mechanical Engineering. Here is a preview version.

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