Get Over Cancer, Uncle-in-law

My uncle-in-law, 49, is suffering lung cancer. However, the cancer property needs confirmation. He will be given a set of check procedure next morning.

This morning, I met them in Chengdu 6th hospital. Because the doctor told them, but not my uncle-in-law, about his condition. He said it must be later stage of lung cancer. They are afraid of losing him. I am too. Although I don't know much about them, losing him is a sad thing. So they were crying.

Nevertheless, we get an information about Sichuan Cancer Hospital: the husband of my wife's workmate, suffering nasal cancer, were treated in the hospital and had a year more, although he died. After all, the cancer hospital is a professional institute on cancer. Finally, they decided to transfer to Sichuan Cancer Hospital.

Whatever the result, we must face the truth, admit it and then get over it. Although there are not direct effective drugs to cure him, the active therapy and radiation/chemical therapy are right.

I wish he will get better soon!

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