My Family

Obituary: DU Chengyuan

DU Chengyuan, my father, a Chinese teacher at Qinggang Central Primary School, Shehong County, Sichuan, died of liver cirrhosis on Dec 2, 2010 at Shehong Renmin Hospital. He was 59. DU Chengyuan was born in Shehong on Nov 20, 1951. He graduated from Qinggang High School in 1972. He had become a teacher since 1976. He taught Chinese, Math, Nature… Read more →

Get Over Cancer, Uncle-in-law

My uncle-in-law, 49, is suffering lung cancer. However, the cancer property needs confirmation. He will be given a set of check procedure next morning. This morning, I met them in Chengdu 6th hospital. Because the doctor told them, but not my uncle-in-law, about his condition. He said it must be later stage of lung cancer. They are afraid of losing… Read more →

Baby Starts Teething

My baby is 5+ months old, and begins to teeth. Here is some advices to sooth sore gums caused by teething: Teething: Tips for soothing sore gums    Send article as PDF   

My Kid Born

My kid was born in the morning. She is cute, weighting 3.2kg, lengthing 51cm.    Send article as PDF