Hokkaido Trip, Day 2 (Aug 9, Day 72 in Japan)

When I got at Sapporo station, I bought a ticket for limited express train, named Okhotsk, to Abashiri (網走), which would departure at 7:21, taking me JPY9130. So I looked around Sapporo station. Hokkaido University is very near Sapporo station.

After walking a while, I got into the station and waiting for the train Okhotsk to Abashiri.

The ticket was taken:

Lake Abashiri:

I transferred to Shiretoko-Shari train at Abashiri station. About at 15:00, I arrived at Shiretoko-Shari and got on the bus to Iwaobetsu, where I would stay at Iwaobetsu Youth Hostel for a night.

After I checked in, I talked with my dorm-mate, who had been at Iwaobetsu YH for 3 days. He told me about some must-see in Shiretoko, but I did not have enough time and money. So I decided to see Furepe waterfall in the afternoon and Shiretoko-goko (知床五湖) in the next morning. Thanks to a staff who picked me up after I saw furepe waterfall.

The sign at the entrance of walking path to Furepe waterfall tells visitors that you must be careful because there would be bears around.

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