Hokkaido Trip, Day 3 (Aug 10, Day 73 in Japan)

After sleeping well at Iwaobetsu YH, I got up at 6:30 to catch the breakfast time. Before the breakfast, I took some photos around the hostel.

The hostel is enclosed by woods.

The road to mountains:

The breakfast was good, being soup, bread, salad, dessert, cheese.

After breakfast, Hasegawa (長谷川さん), my Japanese friend who I made friend at Iwaobetsu YH, took me to the parking site of Shiretoko-goko with a rental car.

The sign informs people about the lakes path and bears.

As the arrow directs, the first lake of Shiretoko-goko is 200 meters away.

First lake of Shiretoko-goko:

The trees are growing upon stone:
Trees growing upon stone

Second lake of Shiretoko-goko:
Second lake of Shiretoko-goko

We backed to the parking site, then went to the observatory along the wooden path:
the path to observatory

Hasegawa and me

View of first lake of Shiretoko-goko at observatory:
view of First lake of shiretoko-goko

After we looked shiretoko-goko, Hasegawa drove me th Utoro Onsen bus terminal, where we separated. He would look Shiretoko peninsula by boat at Utoro (ウトロ, 宇登呂). Here, I met two people who are from Taiwan again. I had met them on the train to Shiretoko-Shari. We took the same bus to Shiretoko-Shari, and they went to Kushiro (釧路).

I’d like to thank Mr Hasegawa. He saved me more than one hour, so I decided to stay a while at Genseikaen (原生花園).

Wild flowers at Genseikaen:
wild flower, at Genseikaen

Horses, wetland at Genseikaen:
horses eat grass

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