Food Safety Needed

Food safety is very important because people can’t live without food. Food provide people the energy to live, study, work, create,… Without food, people would die, human would extinct. Without food safety, people would not live happily because they don’t have a good body. In fact, Caring food safety is human nature.

Since Sanlu infant formula contaminated with melamine artificially uncovered, the public has been afraid of milk, because that Sanlu and the government claimed that the milk powder was not added with melamine by producers, but the source milk was.

On Sept 16, the government said that milk is safe if it is produced after Sept 14. However, there is some contaminated milk founded, and Mengniu, Yili, Guangming were in the list, which covered almost the 70+ percent of the market. The fact shocked the Chinese people, and people almost all over the world care about this, because China is one of the biggest exporters in food industry. Some countries and organizations, such as European Union, USA, ask China for serious investigation on the food industry.

Since pet food contaminated with melamine in USA, food safety covers not only human, but animals and pets. Also USA warned people be care of food imported from China. Some Chinese officials refused to recognize the unsafe food export. However, the contaminated milk event discredits Chinese products.

Of course, melamine is low toxic, but how it acts with other matters? If only the pure melamine is added to the food with very low content, it would not hurt the health. However, the melamine added to the milk is not pure, most of which is chemical waste. such by-product produced when melamine is being produced includes about 70% melamine of it content. We don’t know how they act with each other, how it will cause health problem. So, rejecting to add chemicals which is not well understood by human to food is a wise choice.

A great investigation on food industry was started, but it’s not enough to increase the food safety in the long run. The institutionalized food industry, law of food safety are needed. In the short time, we do need food safety, and in the long run, we also do.

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