Possible Results Caused by Specialists’ Suggestion

This afternoon, Li Ning from China CDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and Shen Ying, vice president of Beijing Children Hospital had been invited to Xinhuanet to talk about health with having less content of melamine. In fact, their talk is possible to lead to some false directions of food safety.

1. 如果奶粉里三聚氰胺含量较低就不至于危害健康. If the melamine is low in milk powder, it would be not enough to hurt health. What will it lead to? The future national standards about melamine in milk will be not tested out or be without melamine, but to keep low content under a reasonable value. Why this? low melamine, not enough to hurt body health.

Melamine is not the same as agricultural chemicals, becuase melamine is added to the milk powder with no reasonable cause, but chemicals are to cure disease or to kill pest. Although low melamine will not hurt body, we will never allow melamine appeared in milk.

2. 含三聚氰胺的奶粉对成人健康影响风险较低. There is low risk to adult having milk powder containing melamine. That will lead to low standard about adult health. Although adult is less affected by unsanitary food, we will never bear such behavior of faking.

In short, we never allow melamine appeared in milk and other food!

[1] 专家:服用三聚氰胺含量较低的奶粉 不用过于担心. http://news.xinhuanet.com/society/2008-09/17/content_10055598.htm, Sept 17, 2008

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