Special Food for Central Leadership

Recent toxic infant milk powder event makes people in China lose their confidence on food safety. Moreover, special food service center for central leadership founded in 2005 is controversial. It shows that the central leaders also lose confidence on food safety, so a special food center should be founded in order to keep themselves healthy.

I was shocked because I used to believe that the central leaders only had special dietary standards to support their heavy work. In fact, they had controlled the food source, buying organic, non-toxic, natural food. I know why Chinese central leadership have long life. I don’t know whether leaders in other countries have such speical services, having special meal made of special food source different from ordinary citizen. But I believe Chinese central leaders should have the same food to ordinary people, at least the same food source.

I saw that some officials dealing with the milk contaminated melamine is not dutiful, because they have special food without chemicals, and they don’t worry about the food safety to themselves. If they have the same food to ordinary citizen, they would make much of this toxic milk event.

Special food center proves that the food safety is horrible.

Our claim is very simple, having the same right to have safe meal.

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