Olympic Games will be open

Today, at 20:00, the 29th Olympic Games will be open in Beijing. It has been prepared for seven years from the success of application for this game on July 13, 2001. Almost all of the people around the world are expecting this great sports event.

This sports event not only gives china a window to understand the world, but it gives world a window to understand China. In the past time, some western journalists reported events in China wearing coloured glasses, which gave some people from western countries a false impression on China and Chinese people. The Olympic Games is the best chance to improve understanding each other. Indeed, China will give a good and positive impression to people. However, bad and negative things will expose. So, China will face appreciation and criticism.

In the meantime, the open ceremony is the focus of the world, which is directed by Zhang Yimou, one of famous movie directors in China. The answer to guess about open ceremony will be opened at 20:00. WAIT AND SEE!

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