Wang Yin Giving up his PhD Degree at Tsinghua

Who is Wang Yin(王垠)? He is a PhD student at Tsinghua University. Now He wants to stop his study in Tsinghua because he is dull of research environment in China. As for him, it is not easy to make the decision. He has been pursuing his PhD Degree for four years. To many other PhD student, they always choose to… Read more →


今天下午,吴和我去打了会儿篮球。很久没有打球了,恐怕有半年多了吧!现在真是懒得动了?有两天早上起来跑了步,这几天又起不来了。好像总有睡不完的觉? 又快要到国庆了,好像没什么玩的,不知道该怎么耍?    Send article as PDF   

A good text for Tensor Analysis

James G. Simmonds. A Brief on Tensor Analysis. New York: Springer-Verlag. 1982 In our image, tensor analysis is difficult. Some books wrote it as doctrine, which are very dull and not easy to understand. But this book wrote it very simple and very easy to learn, to get it. Thank you, Mr. Simmonds.    Send article as PDF   


连续介质力学是近代物理学中的一个重要分支,它是以统一的观点来研究连续介质在外部作用下变形和运动规律的一门学科,是流体力学、粘弹性力学、塑性力学等众多力学的重要理论基础。 连续介质力学的基本方程有三类: (1) 关于物体变形和运动的几何学描述,它可具有任意要求的精度。 (2) 适用于一切连续介质的物理基本定律,如质量守恒定律、动量守恒定律等以及热力学定律。 (3) 描述材料力学性质的宏观本构关系。 以上三类基本方程,连同相应的初始条件和边界条件,构成数学物理方程的初、边值问题的完整提法。    Send article as PDF   

Learning, writing

Until now, I can’t open *, but, however I write my blog. I found a good site today, which can give us answers almost about everything. I began to learn Continuum Mechanics, which is very dull. It has many maths fomulas, especially tensors calculus. I began to write my first article on my research, but I found it is… Read more →