Learning, writing

Until now, I can’t open *.blogspot.com, but, however I write my blog. I found a good site www.answers.com today, which can give us answers almost about everything. I began to learn Continuum Mechanics, which is very dull. It has many maths fomulas, especially tensors calculus. I began to write my first article on my research, but I found it is… Read more →


Hope is everywhere. These days, I have been thinking about my research project. How large difference there is between theory and computation. Before yesterday, I only thought a little, but never practiced it, because I thought that the delta-distance and the delta-time are short enough. I computed it with computer by means of shortening the delta time yesterday. The result… Read more →

My blog is created

Today, I am very satisfied with Google's Blogger. So I create a blog to write something, e.g. my family, my research, my life, and etc. My blog page is chnrdu.blogspot.com on blogger.com.    Send article as PDF