Salome 5.1.4 on Fedora 13 x86_64

The newest version of Salome 5.1.4 has been released. My system has been upgraded to Fedora 13 for three months. There may be some annoying starting problem with Salome, but there is still a way to solve it. The problem is

raise RuntimeError, “Process %d for %s not found” % (thePID,theName)
RuntimeError: Process 6831 for /Kernel/Session not found
Searching /Kernel/Session in Naming Service

In a fresh Fedora 13 x86_64 installation, you need to install

  • compat-libgfortran-41
  • compat-expat1
  • gd

with the command

sudo yum install compat-labgfortran-41 compat-expat1 gd

If you upgraded your system to Fedora 13, I suggest you reinstall those three packages above.

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