Goodbye, Japan


When you read this post, I would be in the plane to back China. I have been in Japan 89 days as a trainee at Hitachi Construction Machinery. However, three months are so short that I feel it was yesterday I came to Japan. In fact, I learned much from Japan, although some of it is not easy to say as a word.

One of the most valuable gains is how to research. I didn’t know how to research until one years ago. When I was in Japan, I learned much from Dr Liu. In fact, the training in Japan makes me intensify research methods: systematic, romantic and heritable.

The second one of the most valuable gains is experience of travel to Hokkaido. I went to Hokkaido alone. I queried information on the Internet, including best places, train information, stations’ name. Hokkaido trip was successful although I cannot speak Japanese but numbering, time, date, price and some simple sentences. I made friends on the train and at Iwaobetsu Youth Hostel. However, there’s only one is keeping in touch.

The third one of the most valuable gains is how to communicate. Employees and friends are not native Enlish speakers. I am not either. Sometimes, we don’t understand each other. But it  is very important, how to explain it so that we can understand easily.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the members in the research group.

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