Transient Boundary Syntax Changed in OpenFOAM v1.5

Sometimes, implementing time varying boundary conditions for a transient simulation is interesting. A series of pressure (or other varibles) values should be read from a text file, and update the boundary at each timestep.

the boundary scalar value type should be set as timeVaryingUniformFixedValue, and timeDataFileName should be set with the filename. for example:

type timeVaryingUniformFixedValue; 
timeDataFileName "inlet.dat"; 
value uniform 1e5; 

However, the data file should be in the following format, if the boundary is set as pressure, a scalor variable:

(t0 p0) 
(t1 p1) 
(t2 p2) 
(tN pN) 

This file should be located in the case directory.

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