Questions for Sanlu Baby Formula

Melamine(三聚氰胺) is almost not soluable in water with its soluability is 3.1g/L at 20°C. So here are some questions for Sanlu Group:

  1. If one liter milk is added with 3.1g melamine (We suppose melamine has the same soluability in milk to that in water), it would be not seen by common eyes. But how effective could such content of melamine be to improve the fake protein content? If more is added to milk, the common eyes can disdinguish it, I think. So, if too much melamine is added, it is difficult to deceive eyes.
  2. If milk is added with melamine, when milk is made to milk powder, melamine could be isolated. Can melamine hurt the producting line?
  3. Melamine is added in the beginning of milk making, so the contaminated milk would be sold to not only Sanlu, but other milk companies. However, no report was covered by the press about contaminated milk produced by other companies. So, does Sanlu lie?
  4. In March 2008, some consumers reports the syndrome of their babies to Sanlu. Why did they not response in time?

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