Sanlu Infant Formula Is Recalled

Sanlu Group (三鹿集团), one of China’s biggest makers of infant formula, recalled all of its formula Thursday after finding that some had been contaminated by the same industrial chemical linked to tainted pet food in the United States last year, which called (melamine, 1,3,5-Triamine-2,4,6-Triazine, 三聚氰胺, chemical formula: C3H6N6,[1]). 59 babies have developed kidney stones and one has died in Gansu Province, according to the official Xinhua news agency, and there have been other media reports of babies developing kidney stones and renal failure in nine other provinces[2]: Hubei, Hu’nan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, He’nan.

Here is the number of infants taking such formula reported in hospital: 20 in Nanjing, 59 in Gansu province, 10 in Xi’an, 20 in He’nan province, 30+ in Hu’nan province.

Sanlu said there is about 700 tons contaminated formula in the market. we can make a simple computing: 700 tons = 700,000 kg = 700,000,000 g / 400 (g/bag) = 1,750,000 bags. So, if a family buy a hundred bags infant formula, there will be 17,500 families affected.

However, from March 2008, there were several cases reported has such syndrome of difficult urining[3]. Why action took after half year? Are several cases not valuable to be considered? Is it true that the chemical is added by criminals in the source milk, which the Shijiazhuang officials said? Even more, 78 people were summoned in police station [4].

According to [3,4], melamine could make the milk meet the standards when water is added to the origin milk. In fact, wikipedia tell us the real thing [1]: melamine has more nitrogen so that it can deceive the instrument which not measure the protein directly, but the nitrogen content in order to compute the protein content indirectly.
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