Singing “Singing the Motherland” in Open Ceremony of Summer Olympics in Beijing

These days, some media reported a news about the song sung in open ceremony in summer Olympics in Beijing: the true girl singing the song Singing the Motherland was not Lin Miaoke (林妙可) on the stage, but Yang Peiyi (杨沛宜) behind the stage. Chen Qigang (陈其钢), the general music director of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Open Ceremony, said, Lin has a better appearance than Yang and better appearance represents national image. But I don’t think a good appearance can represent such a great nation without a well internal soul.

Of course, a good appearance makes a good mood. Generally, visual impression is primary. Many stars, whatever in music or arts, have beatiful appearance, such as Chen Hao, Li Bingbing, Na Ying, Mao Amin. But, without good acting or singing, Could they be stars? The answer is NO. There are a lot of girl more beatiful than they are. Why are they not stars? They are not really capable to sing or act better.

In the meantime, people with an average looking, or even worse, can be successful if they have capacity to do their jobs. We know Cai Qin, a famous singer, is a star without beautiful looking. Can anyone say she is not successful?

So, the apearance is not primarily important, but the talent is.

For this forged singing event, the girls, Lin and Yang, are innocent, because they can’t manipulate such work. The person in charge of the music should be responsible to it. If he / she believed the looking is more significant than voice, He / She should let the girl sing songs with her real voice. If he / she thought the voice is more important, they should direct the girl sing songs with her true appearance. If he / she thought the two are important in the mean time, they should choose the girl having good looking and good voice. Such girls could be found in such a great nation.

Such forged singing event has a very bad effection. It makes children, or even adults, believe the appearance is most important. It will make their life, ideas, changed.

In addition, the fireworks before the open ceremony are not the true scene, but syntheticized with computers too.

Lin Biao said, men cannot do great work without lying. the two things are best notes.

1. 歌唱祖国》非林妙可所唱 网友热捧原唱杨沛宜., Aug 14, 2008

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