Long time No Speaking English

I have not speak English for a long time so that I was nervous when I speak it using Internet chatting tool, UC. There are some hot chatting room which people can speak English, encourage each other to get over the inadequate confidence.

When I entered in to speak something, I felt very nervous so that I could not speak a sentence clearly which they did not understand me. The people I talked to encouraged me, after a while, I made a clear mind to say words more fluidly. So speaking English need practice and practice.

No pains, no gains. When I speak English, I always feel my speaking English is poor. It is the same every time. But after several minutes, I can get over the nervous mood so I can speak it more fluently. So, practice and practice improve our confidence. We can read, listen, write words in English, hence, we can speak it. The only thing we lack is to practice.

I will go online often to speak English using UC.

If someone want to talk to me, please reply me or email me.

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