Word Collocation: Music and Song

Listening to very loud music leads to hearing loss in many young people.

The theme music was specially composed / written for the program.

Tian Zheng is a popular singer whose music appeals to a wide audience.

Xu Wei is a well-known singer-songwriter, who writes and performs his own music.

The music was deafening. We had to shout to make ourselves heard above it.

While I’m working in my study, I always have some kind of background music on, especially the pop music.

The pub has live music every night. There is always a four-people band playing.

Every country has its own folk music.

Not everyone can appreciate classical music, so don’t force anyone to listen to it.

The beat of music was quite hypnotic and I began to feel very sleepy.

Mendelssohn’s Wedding March is a popular piece of music played at weddings.

Yundi has a gift for music. His father is also extremely / very talented.

What’s your taste in music? I love listening to rock. What sort of music are you into?

Mike is very romantic and he sings beautiful love songs.

There is nothing but endless pop songs on the local radio.

She was very happy she just burst into song.

I love the theme song from Titanic. I listen to it again and again.

(Adapted from Key Words for Fluency: Intermediate Collocation Practice, written by George Woolard, translated by LU Xiaoping, published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2006)

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