OpenFOAM 并行计算

现在,大多数研究生使用的工作电脑或笔记本都是多核多线程的CPU,在 OpenFOAM 中使用并行计算也非常方便。 Step 1: Copy a decomposeParDict file to your case/system folder. cp $FOAMRUN/tutorials/multiphase/interFoam/laminar/damBreak/system/decomposeParDict ./system/ Step 2: edit the decomposeParDict file FoamFile { version 2.0; format ascii; root “”; case “”; instance “”; local “”; class dictionary; object decomposeParDict; } // * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *… Read more →

blockMesh error

Recently, I met the problem when I ran blockMesh word::stripInvalid() called for word hostname localhost-01 For debug level (= 2) > 1 this is considered fatal the problem may come from postfix mail service. when checked your postfix, it output valid_hostname: invalid character 32(decimal): localhost-01 postfix: fatal: unable to use my own hostname localhost-01 The reason was that there’s a… Read more →

Install TORQUE Resource Manager on CentOS 7

TORQUE is an open source resource manager providing control over batch jobs and distributed computer nodes. It is a community effort based on the original *PBS project and, has incorporated significant advances in the areas of scalability, fault tolerance, and feature extensions contributed by NCSA, OSC, USC , the U.S. Dept of Energy, Sandia, PNNL, U of Buffalo, TeraGrid, and… Read more →