LaTeX Editing Tips

Produce PDF from LaTeX

hyperref, written by Sebastian Rahtz, maintained by Heiko Oberdiek, adds automatic hypertex links to LaTeX documents that are intended to become HTML (using latex2html or tex4ht) or PDF files (usign pdflatex). The example follows: \usepackage[pdftex, pdftitle={Test with LaTeX}, pdfauthor={DU Run}, pdfsubject={Test PDF output from LaTex}, pdfkeywords={test, LaTeX}, bookmarks,bookmarksopen, colorlinks,linkcolor=blue,citecolor=blue, urlcolor=red, ] {hyperref} add the codes similar to above to the… Read more →

Customize head and footlines in LaTeX

The fancyhdr package by Piet van Oostrum offers the user considerably more flexibility on head and footlines. \lhead{Left head} \chead{Center head} \rhead{Right head} \lfoot{Left foot} \cfoot{Center foot} \rfoot{Right foot} The above defining commands are less general than the commands \fancyhead and \fancyfoot, where \lhead{Left head} is \fancyhead[L]{Left head}, and \cfoot{Center foot} is \fancyfoot[C]{Center foot} and so on, with L C… Read more →