Time-Dependent Vector Boundary Conditions in OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is one of the most famous open-source CFD toolbox, which current version is 1.6. In this version, there are some aspects changed, like: solver syntax, time-dependent vector boundary, integrating some flow models.

Here, I will show you how to set the time-dependent vector boundary:
F1 is set as time varying fixed value. its file name is vin.dat. and the “value” is the default number.

        type            timeVaryingUniformFixedValue; 
        fileName 	"vin.dat";
        value           uniform (0 0 0);
	outOfBounds     warn;
        type            fixedValue;
        value           uniform (0 0 0);

The vin.dat file should be like:

(t0 (vx0 vy0 vz0))
(t1 (vx1 vy1 vz1))
(tn (vxn vyn vzn))

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