Hokkaido Trip, Day 5 (Aug 12, Day 75 in Japan)

Almost I was on trains the most of the day.

I arrived at Aomori station at 5:10.

The kiosk is selling noodles (soba in Japanese), at Ichinoseki (一ノ関):

The train to Kogota (小牛田):

From Japan

I arrived at Sendai station at 14:24:

From Japan

I chose the Joban line to get Kandatsu. The train to Haranomachi starts at 16:15. I looked around Sendai, going window shopping at Loft:

It was getting dark (at Tatsuda たつだ):

I got at Haranomachi at 17:37, and get on the train to Iwaki (いわき) at 17:42. I was so tired that I didn’t take a picture of the station. I arrived at Iwaki station at 19:08, then I got on the train to Mito (水戸) at 19:15. At Mito station, there’s a direct train to Kandatsu. Thank God, I would be the nearest station to my dorm. I changed my schedule, I got on the train to Kandatsu at 20:48 at Mito station. Finally, I got at Kandatsu station at 21:32.

Thank God again. I arrived home at 10:00. I did not take a photo of Kandatsu station. But I’d like to use a picture taken in Hokkaido to show my trip, and to be as the end of trip.
Field & mountains
(Field and Mountain, Furano, AUG 11, 10:04)

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