Doubted Dumex Tainted Formula

Several days ago, some media reported that some sicked babies suffering kidney stone used to have Dumex infant formula. Up to now, there are about 81 babies confirmed suffering kidney stone. More and more parents are worrying about their babies. I am worrying too. Fortunately, my baby is OK. However, those babies suffering kidney stone are unfortunate.

In fact, to build the relation between formula and kidney stone is not hard. It is easy to analyze the chemical composition of the infant kidney stone. And it’s not hard to inspect the Dumex formula. Shanghai Quality Inspection Bureau published a note about the quality safe of Dumex infant formual on Feb 13, 2009 (link). However, it seemed that the public does not believe the test report. Now, the state quality inspection began to investigate it.

Now, people do not have enough confidence to judge Dumex formula’s safety, because the contaminated milk powder scandal in 2008 makes people not believe corporations and governments. People connect formula and infant kidney stone as long as babies suffer kidney stone. They believe the corporation does something bad. Indeed, according to the reported sicked babies, we cannot determine that Dumex milk powder causes kidney stone.

From previous media, some consumers reported they found bugs in their babies’ formula which is produced by Dumex, but Dumex did not deal with it well to satisfy them and the public. So we have reasonable guess that Dumex does not have properties which a good corporation has, integrity and responsibility. Dumex only published a disclaimer on their homepage.

Dumex claims that it is a world famous brand, but dumex is sold mainly in south asia and China. If a brand which is sold mainly in south asia and China can be called a world famous brand, World famous brands are too many, most of which are almost in China, because China has the largest population in the world.

And, the government has responsibilty to open information to the public, but not block information. a site, named, cannot be visited from China via common network conneciton, but via tor project or other safe proxy. if this is blocked by hackers, why can we visit it through proxy?

Many netizens know there exist a GFW in China, which could filter bad information which is defined by governments. People has the right to know the fact, although there is a GFW. Nothing can block it. Nothing can change it!

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