What can we eat?

Several days ago in Hong Kong, some eggs were found containing melamine, which were imported from China mainland. The authorities of Hong Kong have been expanding the test ranges from eggs to products made of poultry or livestock.

It seems that there is nothing we can eat, especially poultry and livestock products. Whether the vegetables or fruit can be eaten? There were problems with them: excessive chemicals, pesticides, even ripening agent. Too chemical products has been used on agricultural products. Because the vegetables and fruits need to be fresh, the chemical residues are more than which can be keeped for a long time.

It looks like that only cereal food is edible. I believe these cereal products is better than those food above.

All in all, the tainted milk, contaminated eggs make China shameful. It is time to rebuild the food safety and confidence on Chinese products, which is not only the responsibility of enterprises, but government’s obligation.

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