It Simply Does not Work

“There is no doubt in my mind that democracy in the U.S. style simply does not work in China.”[1] In the sentence, the phrase “simply does not work” has two explanation, one is “does not work absolutely“[2], another is “does not work uncomplicatedly”[3]. In Ref. [3], the author, Yan Ning, translated it to Chinese as “美式民主不能简单地适用于多元化的中国”[3]. However, in American English, the word “simply” means “without ambiguity”[4, see 1a]. So “it simply does not work” means “it does not work absolutely”, in Chinese “它根本行不通”.

In the original sentence, the author, Shi Yigong, said it with a strong tone “no doubt” and “simply does not work”, hence, the word “simply” cannot be explained as “in a simple manner”[5, see 1], but “absolutely”[5, see 3].

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