How to convert tetrahedral mesh to polyhedral mesh

In OpenFOAM, We can simulate fluid dynamics with general meshes, such as tetrahedral, hexhedral, and with polyhedral mesh which workes well in OpenFOAM.

Generally, A tetrahedral mesh in a geometric model should be done, which should be converted to the format which used in OpenFOAM. If you use Salome to generate the tetrahedral mesh, you write it as a UNV format, then use this command to convert it to FOAM format:


Then use polyDualMesh to convert this mesh to polyhedral mesh:


Where the feature angle is that the minimum angle between two faces.

In order to view the polyhedral mesh, paraview 3.2.1+ should be used to do.

If you have installed paraview 3.2.1, and not fixed it with foam format support, you could use foamToVTK to convert foam data format to VTK format so that the mesh and data can be viewed in paraview.

foamToVTK     -allPatches

where the option -allPatches means the patches (generally as boundaries) are written to a single file so that you use paraview to open this file /VTK/allPathces/allPatches_?.vtk.

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