On the Long-Lasting Snow in Southern China

For more than ten days, from about Jan 14, 2008, It has been raining and snowing in southern China. The long-lasting, wide-spread heavy snow brings a lot of disasters, such as transportation breaking down, including road, railway and civil aviation, house fire in some cities, electricity losing, and so forth. The bad weather is the main cause of the wide-range disaster, but the lack of the warnings in advance and fighting experiences against the snow in southern China.

Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival of Chinese people, is the reunited day of the many families seperated because of work. Many people working in Guangdong are from other places of China, most of them from Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing. Unfortunately, heavy snow falls in these provinces, so that the way breaking down make them not back their hometown to meet their families.

On Jan 26, Three workers in Hunan died at their post because they rushed to repair the electricity line, deicing the pylon. Their names were Zhou Jinghua (周景华), Luo Changming (罗长明), Luo Haiwen (罗海文). Listing their names is to commemorate them. (The video in Xinhua Agency)

According to the weather forcasting, the bad weather will last until Feb. 2.

Because of fewer days of bad weather such as the heavy snow in southern China than in northern China, most cities or provinces are lacking experiences of warning of bad weather and battles against the long-lasting snow. The bad weather bring us the disaster, but more about the warning mechanism and urgent rescue mechanism. After the disastrous snow, we can deal well with the bad weather. Like the SARS in 2003 leave us the experience of earling warning about and deal with the wide-spread diseases.

The bad weather brings disaster, in fact. However, it also makes us a forture.

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