There are a big hiatus. Recently, I am busy engaging in preparing my TOEFL so that my blog have long been not renewed. This will last for 3 months, and after?it I will prepare GRE which I am going to take it in September. In these days, I will provide some English learning materials, like listening material, memorizing method for words, fast reading and some speaking skill and writing skills. If anybody have any idea of TOEFL and GRE, please comment it. Thank you. If you are preparing TOEFL or GRE also, you could email me. We could prepare them together for better scores.

Now, there are some mottos:


I think that they are best words for me, inspiring me practice ENGLISH?everyday.

One Reply to “Hiatus”

  1. The writing above is made in a hurry. “The first draft is a shit.” Someone said. Maybe there is. So many errors in the essay let me ashamed. But please donot scoff at me. where there is an error, there is a chance to improve. On the NET, many frieds, including you, could help me, not being thrifty of your advice.

    Thanks for your help!

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