High fee on University Education

In China, They will pay high fee for their university education. The fee is about RMB 5000 per year. That is to say a student would spend a large amount of money which is about 35 times of all income of a peasant in one year. For a poverty student from countryside, His burden is heavy. If the school could not provide enough scholarship, they will lose their high education.

In fact, there is few scholarship programs in China. Yesterday, I saw a note of enrolling PhD student in Hong Kong Polytechnic UNiversity, Which provides scholarship HK$12,800 per month for 4 years for B.S., for 3 years for M.S. The tuition fee of HK$42,000 will be waived for high-quality applicants.

I am a PhD student in mainland of China. My tuition fee is waived, and the scholarship is RMB 243 per month, which the university provides, and little, which the supervisor provides. So you have to do a partjob for enough fee so that I can live.

What is difference? This is! So many excellent students pursue their degrees overseas.

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