It is sunny in Chengdu

It is sunny today. It snowed yesterday. In winter, it is always cloudy, foggy, rarely sunshiny in Chengdu. I am in office now.?Sun shines in. Sunlight strikes on me. I feel comfortable so that I don’t want to do anything but only sit here. But I must do the work.    Send article as PDF   

It Snows in Chengdu

Today, It is colder than it is yeasterday in Chengdu. I thought that it would snow today. After I had lunch, I went back to Lab. After a while, Mr Jin came. He told me it snowed. I looked out of window. It snowed indeedly, but very lightly. It snow rarely in Chengdu.    Send article as PDF   

Wrote on World AIDS Day

Today, December 1st, is a special day, because it is World AIDS Day. About twenty years ago, scientists discovered the AIDS virus. In that time, people’s connection is not frequenty. In general, it is ranged on their town or city. but time is different from that before, Internet connect the people all over the world. The situation of protential sexual… Read more →

It is cold in Chengdu

For several days, it has been lightly raining and cloudy in Chengdu. The temperature is below 10oC. We dress sweater and thick coat. Some people wear down and feather garment down wear(羽绒服, yǔ róng fú).    Send article as PDF   

Notable Writer Ba Jin Died at Age 101

BA Jin(巴金), one of the most revered writers, died of cancer in Shanghai on Monday after a six-year battle with malignant mesothelium cell tumor and other diseases. Ba is one of the most revered Chinese authors of the 20th century, standing in the ranks of Lu Xun(鲁迅), Mao Dun(茅盾) and Guo Moruo(郭沫若).    Send article as PDF   

Two Weddings

Prime week of National Day (October 1), I have been at Xichang. I attended two weddings. One was X.Q. SHEN and Y.X. HE’s at Qionghai Hotel(邛海宾馆) on Oct. 2, and another was Y.L. LIU and G.C. ZHANG’s at Sea Scene Club(海景俱乐部) on Oct. 5. I wishes them both a lifetime of happiness.    Send article as PDF